Terms & Conditions

Kindly read below terms and conditions below to proceed with bookings for new and existing clients.

  1. Please ensure all your booking details are correct and up to date (including your phone number and email address).
  2. All new clients will start their journey with a consultation so only book a consultation. Other appointments will be canceled if booked.
  3. Existing clients are to select the procedure as recommended by the practitioner and fill in the name used to register at the Clinic, if another name is used, you might be classified as a new Client, hence a consultation appointment fee will be required.


  1. To secure your appointment slot, each client must make a deposit payment of N10,000. All deposits will go toward your procedure or consultation. A flutterwave link is provided in the confirmation email once booked.
    All Consultations (Online & Physical) clients are to make full payment for their Appointment.
  2. Kindly note that payment confirms the booking and needs to be made within 24 hours after the time slot was reserved, if payment is not made, then the appointment will be canceled.

Day of Appointment

  1. Kindly come in without any makeup on your face.
  2. Laser Hair Removal – Please ensure you trim your hair at least 3 days before your appointment.
  3. Ensure to arrive 10 mins ahead of your scheduled time to allow time for forms.
  4. Progress photos would be taken prior to your treatment.
  5. Covid Precaution is included in the confirmation email.


    1. You can reschedule your appointment 48 hours prior to your appointment. All fees will be forfeited if you fail to reschedule at most 24 hours before your appointment.
    2. Please contact the Clinic administrators via WhatsApp to reschedule your appointment
    3. Please ensure you fill in the correct phone number using your country code. E.g +23481……or +4423

Please Note

15. For Online (Virtual ) Appointments, Please do fill in your correct WhatsApp number and also note that the consultation is done in English.

16. For Clients who want the online consultation to be done in French, please inform us via WhatsApp when sending your proof of payment.

17, Please note that in situations where your preferred Practitioner is unavoidable unavailable, you will be re-assigned to the next available practitioner