How much is consultation fee?

Kindly contact the number at your location to get the consultation fee.

Can I wear makeup after clarity peel?

We advise you wait 24 hours after the procedure before wearing makeup.

Can I wear makeup after clarity peel?

We advise you wait 24 hours after the procedure before wearing makeup.

Is peeling and breakout not normal with Rejuva?

It’s not common to peel or breakout after using Rejuva. However, if you notice this we would recommend reaching out to any of our branches and booking an appointment to see one of our practitioners for a quick review.

Can Consultation and procedure be done on the same day?

Consultation and procedures are not done on the same day. A consultation will allow for adequate preparation before a procedure is done.

I paid for consultation fee before do i need to pay again?

No. the Consultation fee is a one-off payment.

How much is the cost of the treatment?

Different treatments have different costs.

Will my skin problem be solved on the same day?

No skin problem is solved on the same day.

Can I walk in for an appointment?

You need to call to book for an appointment through our Customer Service representatives. However, we can take in walk in clients at an extra fee.

Can you book an appointment for me tomorrow?

You can always reach out any of our Customer Service representatives to schedule you for the closest available date.

Do I need to buy products?

You can only buy products that have been prescribed by your Aesthetic Practitioner after a Consultation, Review or Procedure.

Can a procedure be done without consultation?

No, Procedures cannot be done without Consultation. Consultation is the first step before any treatment or procedure. Procedures are done after Consultation.

Why are your products expensive?

The prices of our products are affordable. Increment in price is due to exchange rate and shipping fee. However, quality is guaranteed.

How soon would I begin to see results?

This depends on your skin type, treatment procedure and consistency amongst other things. The Aesthetician can provide you with this information during your consultation session.

How long will my treatment last?

This depends on so many factors such as your skin type and the treatment procedure you are undergoing. During your appointment, the Aesthetician will be in the best position to provide you with this information.

Is there a refund on returned products?

No. Although products returned based on valid reasons can be considered for a swap.

Are there discounts on certain products?

However when the company is running promotions there will be discounts. Our promotions are usually announced on our social media pages

Can I pay for product/services in installment?

  • No, you can’t please.

What is the mode of payment?

Payments can be made in cash, bank transfer or through Debit cards.

I won't be able to make it for my scheduled appointment, what do I do?

Give a prior notice twenty four (24) hours to your scheduled appointment to avoid your payment being forfeited.

I'm running late for my appointment, what do I do?

  • Call the customer service number to reschedule your appointment for another day. You can also reschedule for an after work appointment which comes with an extra fee.

Where do I go after my consultation session?

Some products would most likely be prescribed for you during your consultation session. You will have to go to the dispensary to purchase those products.

Can I have a consultation session and treatment on the same day?

No, you can’t have consultation and treatment on the same day.

How much does a consultation session cost?

An In-Clinic consultation cost #20,000 while a Virtual consultation fee is #15,000.

What’s the duration of a consultation session?

A consultation session duration is 30 minutes

Can I walk in for consultation without booking?

It is advisable you book an appointment before coming but if you want to walk in for consultation, it comes with an extra cost.

I will like to start my treatment at The Aesthetics Clinic, how do I go about it?

To begin your treatment at The Aesthetic Clinic, you must first schedule a consultation session. Thereafter you will be given a customized skincare regimen and treatment strategy to fix your skincare concern.


The clinic has 6 branches with it’s main branch at 7C Grace Anjous Drive (Green Gate), Adebayo Doherty road, Lekki phase 1.

Other branches are at the following locations

  • Abuja Clinic , 36A Eyadema Street, (Green Gate), beside AEDC Asokoro Area Office off Ecowas Hqtr,Asokoro.
  • London clinic London, England, W4 3AY, United Kingdom.
  • Canada(Montreal and Toronto).
  • Ghana clinic